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About the Artist

Jennifer Jones is a Canadian artist residing in St. John’s, Newfoundland. While she has always been creative and eager to learn, she began her art journey a little later than most. Her mother, Debbie, has been painting with acrylics for decades and Jennifer finally picked up a brush herself in 2018 at the age of 36. She has her husband to thank for supporting her newfound ambition.

Jennifer works primarily in traditional oil paints and watercolours, creating portraits and still life paintings of food, but she loves to sculpt and sketch as well. You can find her past and current works on Instagram, Facebook and Redbubble.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton

“Wiggles” octopus watercolour, original artwork

Painted on high quality paper in archival quality watercolour and ink, Wiggles is a real beauty to behold in person. His tentacles and eyes are decorated with gold India ink to complement his deep teals and purples, and his shading grounds him to the paper to make him look alive!


“Peaceful Swim”, sea turtle watercolour, original artwork

I have always loved sea turtles, so it was only natural I paint this handsome fellow swimming peacefully in the aqua waters of his home.


“Decadence” cupcake watercolour, original artwork

This 9x12 cupcake looks so delicious in person, you will start to wish it was real! Painted on 140lb cold press paper in archival quality watercolours.


“Yellow Donut”, oil on canvas board, original artwork

Food is one of my favourite subjects to paint, and donuts are no exception. This bright, sunny donut with its colourful sprinkles will make anyone with a sweet tooth smile.


“Intensity”, pastels on paper, original artwork

My best friend absolutely adores owls, so I have come to loves them as well. I came across a lovely photo on Pixabay one day and couldn't help but try out my new soft pastels!


“Thistles”, butterfly watercolour, original artwork

Ethereal painting of a butterfly enjoying some thistles on 9x12 watercolour on 140lb cold pressed paper.


“Iris”, watercolour and ink, original artwork

A line and wash painting of a Bearded Iris bloom on watercolour paper.


“Studious Pupper”, dog in glasses watercolour/gouache on paper, original artwork

This dog just wants you to respect the rules of the library and keep it down so he can study, okay? Jeez.